The FreeBird is a netless, gathered end, sewn channel hammock that is simple and lightweight.

Notice - We are no longer accepting orders for single layer hammocks using our 1.0 & 1.1oz fabrics.

All sizes, same price

Choose from 10ft or 11ft length.
Any width available for the given fabric.


The FreeBird arrives as a complete setup, including everything you need, ready to hang!

Width: Your chosen fabric width, less 1.5 inches.
(Narrower upon request)
Length: You may choose 10ft or 11ft.
Body Fabric: Any fabric from our fabrics page.
See our Comfort Rating chart for help in selecting your fabrics.
Layers: Single layer or Double layer
Suspension: Your choice of:
- Whoopie Sling Suspension - 6ft Whoopie Slings, 6ft Tree Straps
- Cinch Buckle Suspension - Chain Links, Cinch Buckles, 10ft Tree Straps
(Whoopie Slings and Chain Links are made from 7/64" Samson Amsteel, Silver. Tree Straps are made from 1" Polyester Webbing, Black)
Ridgeline: 2.2mm Samson lash-it @ 83% of hammock length
(The 10ft long hammock has a 100" ridgeline)
(The 11ft long hammock has a 110" ridgeline)
Ridgeline Organizer: 6.5" x 14", Noseeum
(3 pockets on each side + long pocket through the center)
Click here for details & specs
Stuff Sack: Double Ended, 1.1oz Ripstop Nylon
Weight: Varies with your specific configuration.
Use our Hammock Calculator to determine weight, price & comfort rating.


Accessories - Click here for other accessories .