The FreeBird is a netless, gathered end, sewn channel hammock that is simple and lightweight.

All sizes, same price

Choose from 10ft or 11ft length.
Any width available for the given fabric.


The FreeBird arrives as a complete setup, including everything you need, ready to hang!

Width: Your chosen fabric width, less 1.5 inches.
(Narrower upon request)
Length: You may choose 10ft or 11ft.
Body Fabric: Any fabric from our fabrics page.
See our Comfort Rating chart for help in selecting your fabrics.
Layers: Single layer or Double layer
Suspension: Your choice of:
- Whoopie Sling Suspension - 6ft Whoopie Slings, 6ft Tree Straps
- Cinch Buckle Suspension - Chain Links, Cinch Buckles, 10ft Tree Straps
(Whoopie Slings and Chain Links are made from 7/64" Samson Amsteel, Silver. Tree Straps are made from 1" Polyester Webbing, Black)
Ridgeline: 2.2mm Samson lash-it @ 83% of hammock length
(The 10ft long hammock has a 100" ridgeline)
(The 11ft long hammock has a 110" ridgeline)
Ridgeline Organizer: 6.5" x 14", Noseeum
(3 pockets on each side + long pocket through the center)
Click here for details & specs
Stuff Sack: Double Ended, 1.1oz Ripstop Nylon
Weight: Varies with your specific configuration.
Use our Hammock Calculator to determine weight, price & comfort rating.

Add-ons (installed on your hammock)

Accessories - Click here for accessories shipped loose (not installed).