Our current line of hammocks

  • 4 season hammock
    Removable net
    Removable overcover
    Topless mode
    Separating zippers on both sides

    ThunderBird Info

  • 4 season hammock
    Built in net
    Built in overcover
    Topless mode
    Zippers on both sides

    DangerBird Info

  • Built in net
    Topless mode
    Zippers on both sides

    RoamingGnome Info

Feature Comparison

ThunderBird DangerBird RoamingGnome Darien FreeBird
Ships ready to hang
Custom widths
Any available fabric
Single or Double Layer
Choice of Suspension
Fixed Ridgeline
Ridgeline Organizer
Double Ended Stuff Sack
Zippers dual, separating dual dual 1 side
Zipper Size #5 #3 #3 #3
Peak Bags 2, removable 2 1
Underquilt Loops + hooks
Tie-outs removeable
Netting removeable integrated
Overcover removeable