The Raven is a symmetrical gathered end, sewn channel hammock allowing you to lay in either a right or left diagonal position. It features a completely removable and reversible insect net and/or overcover. The Raven is available in 3 versions: Net Only or Overcover Only or both.

You can choose to lay in either a right or left lay diagonal position. No dedicated head or foot end.

Right and left side seperating zippers allow you to enter/exit the hammock from either side as well as reach out with both hands to adjust an underquilt.

Removable noseeum insect netting is ready to deploy anytime.

Removable overcover made of 1.1oz Ripstop Nylon is ready to zip up whenever the weather turns colder or you would like a little privacy.

When you don't need the netting or overcover, just store them in the attached peak bags (or leave one or both at home) and enjoy laying in the Raven topless.
Width: Your chosen fabric width, less 1.5 inches.
(Narrower upon request)
Shape: Symmetrical - You can lay "right lay" or "left lay". Even switch back and forth throughout the night.
Length: This hammock is offered in 11ft only.
Body Fabric: Any fabric from our fabrics page.
Netting: .9oz Noseeum, Black
Overcover: 1.1oz Ripstop Nylon
(Black is normally used unless you choose a different color.)
Zipper: #5 separating Coil with double tab sliders.
Layers: Single layer or Double layer
Suspension: The Raven comes equipped with 7/64 Amsteel Continuous Loops, but you can optionally mix and match other suspension components to create whatever suspension you wish.
Ridgeline: 110" fixed ridgeline made from 7/64" Amsteel.
Ridgeline Organizer: Optional 6.5" x 14", Noseeum
(3 pockets on each side + long pocket through the center)
Peak Bags: 8" x 9", Noseeum with shock cord closure, one for the net and one for the overcover
Tie-outs: Optional tie-out hooks on grosgrain loops with 3/32" shock cord guylines.
(These tie-outs self adjust to whatever angle you prefer to lay.)
Stuff Sack: Double Ended, 1.1oz Ripstop Nylon
Weight: Varies with your specific configuration.
Use our Hammock Calculator to determine weight, price & comfort rating.