This info is to be used only as a rough indication about the status of your order. I do occasionally jump back and forth between orders, depending on availability of time and materials, changes to the order, similarity of orders, my personal schedule, etc. We build our hammocks in weekly batches and ship at the end of each week. Small orders for accessories and stuff are normally moved up into the next weekly batch of orders, but are not listed here. You can use the list of orders below to help determine when your order will ship. Plus, I got a life too!

Slow week coming up.

We've got family from out of state visiting all this week so we're doing a slightly smaller amount of orders this batch.

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Order# Item Order Date Wait so far Status
1347 DangerBird 10/30/14
1348A WinterSock 10/31/14 In progress
1348B WinterSock 10/31/14 In progress
1350 RoamingGnome 11/1/14
1354 Darien 11/4/14
1355 ThunderBird 11/5/14
1356A FreeBird 11/7/14 In progress
1356B WinterSock 11/7/14 In progress
1356C BugSock 11/7/14 In progress
1357 Darien 11/7/14
1358 ThunderBird 11/7/14
1359 BugSock 11/8/14 In progress
1362 DangerBird 11/8/14
1363 BugSock 11/8/14 In progress
1370 Darien 11/11/14
1371 RoamingGnome 11/11/14
1372 ThunderBird 11/12/14
1373 DangerBird 11/13/14
1376 WinterSock 11/19/14
1377 ThunderBird 11/19/14
1378 ThunderBird 11/19/14
1380 NightHawk 11/20/14
1381 DangerBird 11/20/14
1383 DangerBird 11/22/14
1384 Darien 11/22/14
1385 RoamingGnome 11/23/14
1386 RoamingGnome 11/23/14

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